Skin Care Reviews is a service dedicated to providing in-depth evaluations of skincare product performance. When assessing a specific skincare product, our service compiles a vast array of user reviews from popular online shopping platforms like Amazon and Sephora. These user inputs are then processed using predefined evaluation criteria to generate a series of favorite-to-unfavorite ratios. These ratios serve as indicators of a product's performance across various aspects, such as skin moisturization, anti-aging, and acne treatment.


In cases where certain features or drawbacks are not covered by the predefined evaluation criteria, our service compiles the user feedback into lists of pros and cons. For each pro item, we tally the number of praises it has received, while for each con item, we count the number of complaints.


Our goal is to provide an unbiased, comprehensive and informative assessment of skincare products to assist consumers in making well-informed decisions.


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